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The Bemeir team has been using building, customizing, and configuring Shopify stores since 2014, watching the platform grow to become a leading choice for omnichannel retailers, direct to consumer startups, and brands of all sizes to launch their eCommerce experiences. You want a turnkey platform that you can scale. Shopify allows you to do that, with plans tailored the needs of merchants at all stages of their growth.



During the year 2020, the well-known streetwear and fashion store Alumni of NY engaged Bemeir to implement their new design on their Shopify theme and create an easier way to manage custom content on the store. Bemeir helped them take advantage of the power of enhanced imagery, user generated content, and improve search and navigation. Alumni was able to meet increased demand at a time of strong growth.

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Anatomie engaged Bemeir to provide ongoing eCommerce support for their Shopify Plus website. Together we agressively approached a massive design update and conversion optimization strategy in support of the Black Friday + Cyber Monday holiday sales period. Going through full design workshops and accelerated development cycles, along with key marketing integrations, Anatomie was able to achieve record results in their holiday season.



If you are looking for a trusted agency partner, we build custom themes, custom apps, and deliver amazing experiences for brands and retailers.  We offer full support packages for Shopify and Shopify Plus store owners.


We help you set up and merchandize your Shopify catalog and help you unlock the true value of multichannel selling on Shopify. We help you create robust personalized browsing experiences for your customers.


We help Shopify store owners enhance and unlock their marketing by integrating best in class solutions and being that extra set of trusted people that help you and your team accomplish your digital transformation.


You need a team that moves as fast your business needs it to. Work with us to bring eyeballs and new partnerships to your Shopify store. Whether its Email, SMS, PPC, UGC, or Zero-Party Data, we run with your team on all your marketing initatives.


Come to us if you need the help of a White-Glove eCommerce Success Agency with decades of combined experience to help you navigate your roadmap. We have delivered proven results for small businesses, Inc. 5000 retailers and multi national corporations.


Are you selling cross-border on Shopify? Work with us to help power your global eCommerce expansion using the latest capabilities of the Shopify ecosystem. Reach new customers in new markets, and take your business to the next level.


You can always use one more set of eyes to provide an opinion on your store, in case we see something that others have missed. We are happy to spend time learning about your Shopify store and providing you with actionable insights and perspectives that you can learn from.


We approached Bemeir with a fairly large project - the full development of a custom designed e-commerce website. It was a leap of faith on our part as we knew it would entail an extended commitment but we're so glad that we did. Not only did Bemeir fully execute on the project, they adhered to deadlines, caught mistakes and offered suggestions and displayed a remarkable attention to detail. Communication with the Bemeir team has always been effortless and they've gone above and beyond in order to execute on our vision in order to make them a reality. What we appreciated most about the Bemeir team was their out-of-the-box approach in coming up with solutions to unique challenges as they came up. Our experience with Bemeir has been excellent overall and we've already begun new projects with them to continue our business relationship.
Gene Han
CEO, Alumni of NY
We have worked with Maier and his team on small and larger scale digital projects including web design, ecommerce and PPC advertising. Maier proved himself as an expert in the field and was able to take on and manage most any project we threw his way. We would recommend him for most any upcoming digital project you may have.
Kyle Porter
President, CMW Media

Partnered with the best

When it comes to tech partnerships, we have invested in best in class partnerships to help you navigate complex Shopify challenges around payments, marketing, customer service, fraud prevention, personalization,  financing, shipping, logistics, sales tax compliance, and much more!


See why Shopify is the fastest growing eCommerce platform. Let the Bemeir team be your guides.


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