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Bemeir and its primary services are dedicated to two things near and dear to us, Magento® and New York City. Our mission is to help merchants use Magento® to power their online businesses. In doing this we hope to contribute to the overall health of our local economy in New York City. Additionally a core value of our company is to connect individuals and companies that can provide each other with beneficial services. This way our clients can benefit not only from ours and their own experiences, but also from the experiences of other merchants or service providers in the field. There are many areas where all businesses are unique, and then there are areas where businesses are similar. If everyone can align upon common goals, there would be decreased costs and increased efficiency for all parties.

Local Commitment

A second core principle that Bemeir subscribes to is that all businesses have a vested interest in maintaining and improving their local communities. Once again, by aligning with common goals, businesses contributing directly to community minded efforts will see valuable returns from their efforts.

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