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Bemeir specializes in full scale Magento projects from inception to finished delivery.

About Magento

Having a well running, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to use website is at the forefront of a modern business.  At Bemeir, we can help you to create the best Magento website that will give your potential customers access to all of your products and services, on an easy-to-use platform.

  • Feature Development
    • Upgrade, Migrate, or create a new open-source Magento 2 store
    • Magento Solutions Consulting Retainers
  • Design and Planning
    • Service designs
    • Project planning and requirements gathering
  • Support
    • Maintenance and Support Development
    • Operations and Warehouse integrations and support
  • Integrations
  • Growth & Marketing Management and Consulting

Even if you already have a website up and are looking to upgrade or simply switch to a different system, we can help.  It is important to make sure that your merchant site is always fully functional and easy to access, so at Bemeir,  we make replatforming easy and convenient.

Frontend Development & Design Implementation

Like Extensions, M1 Themes will not work on M2. Our Magento engineers will refactor and rewrite as needed.

Custom Module Development & Migration

Before running a migration we will ensure that all required information will be migrated and transferred over without any issues.

3rd Party Extension Installation & Configuration

We will ensure that extensions in use have similar functionality in the new environment or advise about alternatives in the ever growing marketplace.

Required Data Migration

We’ll ensure your data archive is complete and migrated as well as backed up for safety measures.

Performance Optimization & Maintenance

Performance Optimization and Configuration

We will ensure all core code modifications are free of architectural flaws(if any), ensure cross-browser compatibility, cross-browser functionality and device compatibility, as well as looking for opportunities to enhance CSS/Javascript/XML optimization and extension usage and compatibility.

What does this mean?

Speed is vital to the success of your Magento website.  Customers need to have quick and easy access to your products and services.  Images and text need to load fast and crystal clear.  High speeds are a major positive factor in your page rank.  Slow speeds result in lower conversions for every second of page load.  At Bemeir, we implement a variety of methods to improve the speed of your Magento website.  We utilize audits and provide analysis based on a deep dive on the architecture’s code base to look for conflicts, and we troubleshoot all factors. 

Who is the Magento Code Audit suitable for?

Anyone who has ever asked…

  • How healthy is my Magento store?
  • Am I running on the latest version of Magento?
  • Are my extensions on the latest version and fully upgraded?
  • Is my website missing any of the security patches issued by Magento?
  • Why is my website running slow?
  • Why have my sales declined?
  • Why is the backend/admin so slow?

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