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Responsive Design for Magento

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About Responsive Design for Magento

Modern web design is highly reliant on Responsive Design. It is the present and the future of successful ecommerce websites. Responsive design allows your Magento website to be viewed on multiple platforms (mobile especially) as a full-featured web browser and with little to no loss of function. With so many different ways to view the internet, it’s important to have a Magento website that works seamlessly on a wide array of desktop and mobile devices. At Bemeir, we can help your Magento website work on mobile platforms in order for you to allow your customers to shop on-the-go.

There has been a fundamental shift in the way that websites are viewed, and thus the way that they must be made. Mobile-friendly websites are a de facto standard of business websites. Leading search engines such as Google are now using mobile friendliness as a page ranking factor. This new ranking factor only accentuates the importance of having a fully functional and accessible website for a variety of devices. At Bemeir, we take a mobile-first approach to your Magento website’s design. This approach is at the very core of increasing sales with more site availability to your customers.

If you have had trouble with your company mobile presence in the past or are currently struggling with this problem, we can help. By migrating to a Magento website with Bemeir, you can fully take advantage of responsive design and have your site and products accessible to your potential customers with a consistent experience across all devices. If you’re already a Magento merchant, we can help you to redevelop your website to fully utilize Responsive Design. Either way, responsive design is at the forefront of creating a Magento website for your business that will give you a strong advantage over the competition.

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