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Magento Website Full Build

Bemeir specializes in full scale Magento projects from inception to finished delivery.

About Magento Website Full Build

Having a well running, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to use website is at the forefront of a modern business.  Let Bemeir bring your business into eCommerce and reach a wider consumer base than ever before!  At Bemeir , we can help you to create the best Magento website that will give your potential customers access to all of your products and services, on an easy-to-use platform.  Even if you already have a website up and are looking to upgrade or simply switch to a different system, we can help.  It is important to make sure that your merchant site is always fully functional and easy to access, so at Bemeir ,  we make replatforming easy and convenient.  
At Bemeir, we specialize in responsive design.  Responsive design allows your Magento website to be seen easily by your potential customers.  It also allows for a user-friendly interactive experience.  \With responsive design, your Magento website will adapt to a wide range of user devices.  Your site will be able to be viewed on multiple devices such as tablets, phones and computers without any loss of functionality.  As the platforms and needs of your customers change, our responsive design changes with them, in order to keep your business current and easily accessible, no matter who your customers are.
Bemeir also provides your business with the most recent Magento editions, including Magento Community Edition 1.9.1.  This new community edition gives you multiple additional benefits that you and your customers can enjoy.  For example, the new Magento Community Edition 1.9.1 offers Configurable Swatches, which allows you to easily and vibrantly show fabric colors and textures. Your Magento site will also perform better and safer, with the most recent security technology.  With Magento EE 1.14.1 Enterprise Edition, enjoy the same increased functions and upgrades.

What does this mean?

  • Magento Community Edition 1.9.1
  • Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.1
  • Responsive Design
  • Replatforming
  • Easy Functionality

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