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Magento Social Media Consultation

Magento Social Media Consultation

About Magento Social Media Consultation

Social media is a vital component to the success of any Magento website. At Bemeir, we understand the importance of getting your brand and products out to the largest amount of potential customers possible.  Social media has become one of the leading components of a strong business growth strategy with Magento.  This is why we offer a wide array of social media outlets for you to use including Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and many more. Make it easy for your existing customers to follow all of your business’ updates as well as increase your exposure to potential customers.  

With extensions like Social Media Buttons, you can give your Magento website the social media connectivity that you’ve been looking for.  With this extension, you can provide your customers with a simple, one-click, option to share your merchandise on the most popular social media sites.  Let social media site work for you, as your customers share your awesome products with an array of potential customers.  You can also easily customize the buttons to fit the format of your Magento website.  With this extension, and others like it, you will be able to reach a wider array of potential customers on the most popular social media sites.

Bemeir makes it easy for you to fully integrate your Magento website with all social media outlets.  This allows you a worry free social media experience, and a great start to a strong business strategy.  There are dozens of social media extensions on the Magento platform to get you started.  If you already have a social media presence and are looking to expand or increase your company’s social media availability, the Magento platform can fit those needs as well.  There are many extensions that also allow your Magento website to keep current with the always evolving social media landscape.   

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