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Magento Rescue Service

If you were left with an unfinished project or facing an emergency, Bemeir has extensively worked to help rescue Magento merchants who need help.

About Magento Rescue Service

You need your Magento website up and running at all times.  It’s essential to the success of your business.  If something goes wrong with your Magento website, you can’t sell and that’s a major problem.  At Bemeir, we can fix any problem that arises with your Magento store.  We offer emergency rescue services to get you your site back up and working to sell your products fast and efficiently.  This means that no matter when and how complex the problem is, we are there to help.  No matter how big or small the problem, let Bemeir work for you to get the problem resolves.  We also offer convenient pricing by month or project.
Don’t let a technical problem with your Magento website stop you from completing your projects.  We can fix many of the bugs that are created from a complicated, yet highly capable open sources platform like Magento.  If you have had a problem with your Magento website in the past and want to work to get it revived or restarted, Bemeir’s Magento rescue services can help.  So get your website back up and running professionally with our services.
Magento is a great open source platform that is able to adapt to the evolving needs of most businesses.  With great performance and adaptability, however, problems are usually very complex.  Bemeir can help resolve many of the complicated issues that arise from a growing Magento website.  If you are experiencing tremendous lag times, we can make your Magento site work faster and more efficiently.  If you are having compatibility issues, we can link your Magento website with any module. We will also keep you fully up-to-date with all Magento updates and solidify security so that your Magento website isn’t hacked or compromised by any third party.

What does this mean?

  • Bug Fixing
  • Magento Security
  • Magento Updates
  • Emergency Assistance
  • Rescue Services

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