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Price Comparison Services

Price comparison services are some of the most valuable tools for Magento merchants selling branded merchandise.

About Price Comparison Services

Price comparison is a vital tool in keeping competitive in today’s markets.  Potential customers want to know that they are buying the best products, at the lowest prices.  This is why Bemeir as made strong partnerships with leading price comparison companies. Our partnership with WISER provides your business important pricing information of your competitors, keeping you ahead of the game and able to provide the lowest costs to your customers.  WISER also offers customizable pricing so that you no longer need to individually price all of your merchandise.  Use state of the art analytics that will give you all of the information that you need to set the perfect price.  Save time and money with the ease and convenience of WISER’s price comparison software.  
Bemeir also has a partnership with PricingAssistant.com in order to give your business the best pricing services for your Magento website.Through PricingAssistant “MSRP Watchdog”, you can can track where similar products to your own are being sold.  This allows you to focus your strategy on the locations that will give you the most amount of exposure to potential customers.  Another key tool is “Price Monitoring”, which gives you updates about competitors to keep you on top of the market.  PricingAssistant checks a vast array of competitors including ones that may not have been on your radar.  All of our partnerships allow you to use important price comparison services on major online retailers such as Google and Amazon.  PricingAssistant provides you with not only a thorough list of competitors prices, but also in a very easy and orderly visual.

What does this mean?

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  • MSRP Watchdog
  • Price Monitoring

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