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Magento Point of Sale Integration

We work with leading POS providers to integrate your Magento website with your POS system.

About Magento Point of Sale Integration

In a world where Brick and Mortar merchants are feeling the squeeze between their online sales channel and their in-store retail channel, it has become more important than ever to ensure all of your systems are integrated. Welcome to the Omnichannel world. The line between your Retail Point of Sale system and your Magento eCommerce system grows thinner by the day. As a merchant you can not afford to ignore your retail business, but also see the writing on the wall as far as the need to dominate the online market as well.

Enter Ebizmarts POS. An innovative solution from a respected and trusted Magento extension developer. Ebizmarts POS uses your Magento installation as the basis for your Point of Sale system, thereby allowing a merchant to use ONE system to manage their business. The benefits of this are tremendous as cost efficiencies are introduced due to a transparent and monthly pricing & support model. Because of this your focus can be concentrated upon what matters, running your business and maximizing revenue and profit. Bemeir has a long standing relationship with Ebizmarts and is committed to ensuring any merchant who adopts Ebizmarts POS has a completely satisfying experience.

Sometimes your Point of Sale needs are tied to a legacy system and you cannot adopt a purely Magento based POS system. Bemeir is familiar with many of the common POS systems, and as Magento has come to dominate the global eCommerce market, integrations with more established systems such as Quickbooks POS have become commonplace.

Whatever your Magento Point of Sale needs are, Bemeir is here to help with a free consultation.

What does this mean?

  • Use One System to Rule Them All
  • Transparent Cost Structure with No Fixed Contracts
  • Easy to obtain standardized equipment
  • Use of Apple Ipads allows easy worker adoption
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