Magento Performance Optimization

Magento Performance Optimization

About Magento Performance Optimization

Speed is vital to the success of your Magento website.  Customers need to have quick and easy access to your products and services.  Images and text need to load fast and crystal clear.  High speeds are a major positive factor in your page rank.  Slow speeds result in lower conversions for every second of page load.  At Bemeir, we implement a variety of methods to improve the speed of your Magento website.  We utilize deep dives, provide analysis on code base to look for conflicts, and we troubleshoot all factors.  
Content delivery networks maximize the availability and performance of your Magento website.  It’s all about the end user, and Bemeir can help you access a strong content delivery network that will make your Magento website work at optimal performance.  We partner with Magento hosting companies that will leverage your cutting edge hosting technology.

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