Magento Marketplace Integrations

Magento Marketplace Integrations

About Magento Marketplace Integrations

Build an eCommerce platform for vendors to self manage orders, list products, and much more.  Have the ability to manage multiple vendors on your site and sell more with an expanded product inventory.  We work with uMarketplace by Unirgy in order to create a custom Magento platform that allow you to integrate various vendors, manage sales, oversee shipping and charge commissions.  UMarketplace offers great functionality with the ability to create a comprehensive catalog pulling from multiple vendors, manage shipping and invoices, and oversee communication between vendors and the customers on your Magento site.     
Bemeir offers a plethora of integral applications to allow your business to maximize its Magento marketplace integration.  Geo-location is a powerful tool that allows customers to choose a product based on the proximity.  Customers enjoy the inexpensive and fast shipping, while you are able to provide the most enjoyable marketplace experience.  Another key feature that we provide to your Magento website is drop-shipping.  An excellent eCommerce solution to help you maximize efficiency.  Forward your orders directly to the manufacturer to make extra inventory a thing of the past. Bemeir can help you utilize these applications to help your business run smoother and more efficiently.  
Geomarketing can be a powerful tool to enhance your marketing strategy.  You can reach a larger portion of your consumer base when you have accurate data on where your potential customers shop. Bemeir equips your Magento website with Geomarketing tools that can increase your sales dramatically.  

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