Magento Email Marketing and Email Automation

Magento Email Marketing and Email Automation

Email marketing is bar none the most effective marketing service when it comes to return on investment for Magento merchants.

About Magento Email Marketing and Email Automation

Email marketing is a vital tool to help your business gain customer loyalty and brand recognition.  It’s a simple, yet very powerful way to reach out to your customer base. Bemeir helps your business get a high return on investment by minimizing stress and complication with your email marketing plans. Bemeir offers a multitude of email marketing options for your business. Triggered Email offers your business the ability to send timely emails that will access the customer base that you want. Remarketing allows you to specifically market to potential customers who have previously displayed interest in your company.  
Bemeir has a strong knowledge of the Magento email marketing scene. We have relationships with the leading Email Service Providers in the Magento landscape. These include Listrak, Bronto, DotMailer, Email Direct, MageMail etc. We are able to deliver an easy to use MailChimp integration using MageMonkey by EbizMarts. If a business is new to email marketing with a small list, we highly recommend starting a FREE Mailchimp account and integrating it into your Magento store with MageMonkey. This allows you to build a list while focusing on getting your business off the ground. We can start you with a small Magento email marketing campaign and then grow from there.

What does this mean?

  • High Return on Investment
  • Newsletters to keep customers informed
  • Abandoned Cart
  • Post Purchase Follow Up
  • Win Back

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