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Magento Dropshipping Configuration

We are experts in setting up Dropshipping and Multi-source inventory for m Magento mercants.

About Magento Dropshipping Configuration

Dropshipping is an important tool to maintain efficiency in your business.  This feature allows you to go straight to your supplier with customer orders to keep unused stock to a minimum and maximize space for your business. Bemeir has extensive expertise in dropshipping for Magento.  With many years of dropshipping experience both in integration and as a merchant, we can help you start or continue to use dropshipping as an effective selling method.  We work closely with Unigry’s uDropship to ensure that your drop shipping is done right.  As the leader in Magento dropshipping, Unigry’s uDropship services provide your business with the very best.  
Bemeir offers a variety of tools to get your business the best in dropshipping options.  Integrating your vendors is at the forefront of effective dropshipping solutions. Bemeir excels in vendor integration, whether it’s displaying vendor products, or integrating inventory.  We can help you connect to thousands of products in multiple warehouse locations.  We also provide your business with important stock feed integration from the warehouses that hold your products.  This will keep you up-to-date with all of your inventory information and allow you to make purchasing decisions accordingly.  Whatever the information the warehouse provides, we make it available on your Magento website in a useful and easy to read stock feed.  
Unirgy’s uDropship
Minimize stress and hassle with Magento’s simplest and most powerful dropshipping application.  Integrate multiple vendors to keep your stock minimal and your revenue high.  Track your customer’s orders easily and provide excellent service while utilizing various vendor warehouses.  Generate your own shipping labels and packing slips as part of this full service dropshipping application, to make Unirgy’s uDropship a one-stop shop.  

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