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Magento Custom Reporting

The value of business intel for your business can not be overstated.

About Magento Custom Reporting

Tracking the effectiveness of your business is crucial as you continue to grow and expand.  Seeing what works, and just as importantly, what doesn’t work will allow you go forward in the most efficient manner possible. Bemeir offers the best in custom analytics for your Magento-based site. Through our use of 3rd party tools like Aheadmetrics.com, we give your business the latest and most powerful tools to track the growth and stability of your business. Maximize your revenue by staying current with your product stock.  Easily update old product information and prices, while tracking the the buying patterns of your customers.  
Bemeir makes it easier for you to expand your business. We enable you to identify key growth opportunities and new markets. Be informed and let the data drive your decisions.  This information gives you the ability to take advantage of your strengths and work towards solidifying other aspects of your business. We also work with many other analytic tools to track your business on multiple platforms.  Google analytics helps you follow your marketing and selling with Google Ads and other Google products.  There are so many possibilities for Magento custom reporting and Bemeir will work to make all of them accessible to your business.  
Aheadmetrics.com provides your business the most relevant analytical data.  You can track products and sales in innovative ways.  Report options allow you to track sales of products by a variety of search criteria.    
Google Analytics
Get the most thorough analytics from your Google account.  See exactly how various Google platforms are working for you so that you can maximize your marketing and selling tools.  Google Analytics also provides with information regarding customers throughout their online shopping experience.

What does this mean?

Intelligent and easily accessible reporting tools are a must have even for the smallest of growing businesses. With detailed analysis of trends, sales data, and other key performance indicators, you can make fact based decisions on how to best grow your business. Bemeir can help you develop reporting tools or leverage existing reporting suites to best meet your reporting needs.

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