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Custom Magento Projects

Custom Magento Projects by the hour, full project quotes, hourly blocks available

About Custom Magento Projects

Successful businesses continue to grow and update as new technologies and customer demands emerge. Bemeir works closely with the open-sourced Magento platform to allow you to keep your company highly competitive. We conveniently offer hourly or fixed rates to start any new project with us as your business continues to expand. Leverage new technologies, add new features and keep your site running smoothly with our expertise of the Magento platform and applications.

Magento offers an open sourced, user-friendly platform that makes merchandising and marketing strategies practically limitless. Let us help you take advantage of all of the possible projects that will either get your business off the ground or continue to soar. There are so many possibilities when it comes to adding new and exciting features to your website or applications. Update your company’s multi device presence with mobile and tablet applications. Go international, or stay local, with applications ready to bring your company oversees or just across the state. Add exciting new media to your website that will attract more customers. Whatever project that you decide to embark on, make sure it’s done right with Bemeir.

At Bemeir, we understand that the creative side of your business must be supported by a strong administrative foundation. Magento also provides a wide array of administrative programs to keep your business running smoothly. Utilize easy-to-use billing and invoice applications to seamlessly work with your business partners. Maintain vital analytic tools to track how your marketing strategies are working. Make shipping your products a breeze with applications that facilitate fast and easy service to your customers world wide. Whatever it is that your business needs, Bemeir is ready to implement custom made projects to help you reach all of your goals.

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