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You need a team that understands your business and is as passionate as you are about your project. We have been working on eCommerce websites in various verticals across many platforms for over a decade for startups, mid market, and enterprise businesses.

We help move you move forward as you have busy departments, and too many things to do. We help lessen the complexity and ensure confidence in your technical and architectural decisions, with action oriented solutions being presented to ensure you reach your intended objectives. 


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Anatomie engaged Bemeir to provide ongoing eCommerce support for their Shopify Plus website. Together we agressively approached a massive design update and conversion optimization strategy in support of the Black Friday + Cyber Monday holiday sales period. Going through full design workshops and accelerated development cycles, along with key marketing integrations, Anatomie was able to achieve record results in their holiday season.


As a strictly online luxury retailer – it was important that be able to  launch a unique store with engaging functionality in a crowded market. Collaborating closely with the owner and his partner, Bemeir was tasked to first rescue the project that was stuck in a pre-launch state and then to help style and craft the unique features such as the custom Shop The Room functionality. 

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During the year 2020, the well-known streetwear and fashion store Alumni of NY engaged Bemeir to implement their new design on their Shopify theme and create an easier way to manage custom content on the store. Bemeir helped them take advantage of the power of enhanced imagery, user generated content, and improve search and navigation. Alumni was able to meet increased demand at a time of strong growth.


You can always use one more set of eyes to provide an opinion on your store, in case we see something that others have missed. We are happy to spend time learning about your store and providing you with actionable insights and perspectives that you can learn from.



Testimonials from eCommerce professionals, CEOs, CTOs, Founders, & VC's

We approached Bemeir with a fairly large project - the full development of a custom designed Shopify e-commerce website. It was a leap of faith on our part as we knew it would entail an extended commitment but we're so glad that we did. Not only did Bemeir fully execute on the project, they adhered to deadlines, caught mistakes and offered suggestions and displayed a remarkable attention to detail. Communication with the Bemeir team has always been effortless and they've gone above and beyond in order to execute on our vision in order to make them a reality. What we appreciated most about the Bemeir team was their out-of-the-box approach in coming up with solutions to unique challenges as they came up. Our experience with Bemeir has been excellent overall and we've already begun new projects with them to continue our business relationship.
Gene Han
CEO, Alumni of NY
Bemeir stepped in to help Groms with major customization of Magento 2. The team took the project under prompt development and within months we saw tangible results. Bemeir's skillful developers are not only operationally advanced, but are very up-to-date with what’s new on the market, which adds value to Groms management decision making process. Bemeir's approach to deeply understand a customer’s needs and do its best to meet the expectations is outstanding.
Polina Kutaeva
COO, Groms
Once we found Bemeir and had our initial meeting they were able to help us resolve issues left by another company quickly in our Magento store. Since then the Bemeir team has worked closely with us to take our Magento sites to the next level. Some of the projects they have tackled are consolidating all our stores into a single manageable environment on the backend that has help us streamline several of processes, keep our Magento environment up-to-date with the latest releases, make modifications to make the user experience for customers easier which in turn means more sales. They are also always willing to listen to our requests no matter how outside the box they may be than come back a solution that can be implemented without minimal disruption of our environment. We would highly recommend adding them as a resource to your team for any eCommerce project you have
Matt Dunford
Affordable Screen Company
After working closely with Maier and the entire Bemeir team for over three years launching several Magento 1 and Magento 2 ecommerce projects, there is no hesitation in recommending their services. Bemeir's experience providing front-end development, SaaS implementation, CRM customization, and API integration fully complements their already outstanding work customizing and extending Adobe's Magento Commerce platforms.
Josh Hancik
CTO, Ella Paradis
Maier was the M.V.P. of our recent Bazaarvoice implementation on our headless Magento Commerce experience. For context, the project was very complex due to configuring multiple systems and keeping multiple stakeholders (Internal DEV team, external agency DEV, Bazaarvoice integration specialist, etc.) involved. Maier took lead with ease and his Magento expertise shined in every weekly status call and he injected a great level of enthusiasm that helped guide this project all the way to the finish line/touch down! Integrations come with a high level of ambiguity, which is why I can not recommend enough Maier's services since he provided clarity and clear paths to solutions for all parties involved. It was a pleasure to work with him and I'm sure you have or will have the same experience as I did.
Carlos Cancino
K&N Engineering
Going into our discovery calls, I expected maybe only 2 or 3 calls in total based on our only other experience at that point, where another company talked to us once and then got us a proposal. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed by Bemeir’s patience with us in figuring out what we wanted, what we didn’t want, and what was even possible to do. They brainstormed alongside us and really helped us learn a lot of things about BigCommerce and its capabilities that we hadn’t been aware of before. For about 3 weeks to a month, I would say Bemeir talked with us 1-2 times per week to better understand our wants and needs for our E-commerce store. Through these calls, we were able to form a solid relationship with these guys.

Bemeir communicated with us via email very quickly. I would often receive replies within an hour of emailing them questions I had. It was super easy to set up meetings with them; they were always down to hop on a call if we needed them, and that was comforting to know when so many companies these days hardly give us the time of day. We all know how important communication is, and these guys made it a top priority to make sure we were heard, and that they could understand us as clearly as possible.
Trey Wetjen
Director, eCommerce
Bemeir is the e-commerce technical partner every brand needs. Having taken over our website from the previous developers, Maier and his team managed to turn the project around entirely and got our custom-built Magento site live in no time. Over the course of our collaboration, Maier became our de-facto tech leader, helping with roadmapping, sprint planning and execution. He led the implementation of e-commerce UX best practices to increase our conversion rate by 25% over the next few months. In this role, he showcased an ability to collaborate with our marketing team to improve our performance and rapidly deploy landing pages. We were particularly impressed by his rapid response time and willingness to go above and beyond to support our brand including our transition to Shopify.
Julien Lepleux
For Days
I would like to say that working with Maier and Bemeir was the highlight of my 5+ years of dealing with Magento.
Brian Caporlette
CTO, G&G Outfitters
We have worked with Maier and his team on small and larger scale digital projects including web design, ecommerce and PPC advertising. Maier proved himself as an expert in the field and was able to take on and manage most any project we threw his way. We would recommend him for most any upcoming digital project you may have.
Kyle Porter
President, CMW Media
Bemeir enhanced our web presence and online experience effectively and efficiently, all while operating remotely. They have been consistently responsive, innovative and very knowledgeable. The team at Bemeir is easy to work with and I recommend them highly.
Brian Moon
CEO, Green Lotus

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