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Comparison Shopping Feeds for Magento

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About Comparison Shopping Feeds for Magento

Comparison shopping has become a major tool used by customers across the internet.  These sites have allowed consumers to shop around for the best product at the best price. Bemeir can help you with integrating comparison shopping and your Magento website. We provide a broad spectrum of comparison shopping tools that are fully compatible with Magento platforms. We work with comparison shopping engine giants like Google Shopping, and Amazon Product Ads to provide you with the best in comparison shopping. Let us show you the value of paid traffic done right.  
Display retargeting is at the forefront of efficient marketing strategies.  Figuring out what consumers are searching for takes all of the guesswork out of your marketing plans. Bemeir links you with powerful display retargeting approaches to get your advertising to customers already shopping for products like yours.  We also know how important it is to integrate display retargeting with the advantages of comparison shopping engines. Bemeir is the one-stop-shop for full synergy of all of these aspects to give your business a competitive advantage.  

What does this mean?

Google Adwords
Google Adwords works with your business to focus on key searches that are popular among your customer audience.  Adwords also allows you to specifically target your customer audience in order to streamline efficiency in your marketing campaign

Google Shopping
Get your products seen on the most frequently visited search engines.  Google shopping provides your business with access to customers who search for the products that you sell.

Amazon Ads
Get your website seen by customers who are looking for your products on Amazon Product Ads.  By making your advertising visible Amazon, utilize their heavy customer traffic to your site and your products.

eBay Ads
eBay Ads allows your business to advertise and sell your products one of the worlds’ most visited markets.  You can also take advantage of display re-targeting ads and custom integration along multiple devices to display your product wherever your customers look.   

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