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Web Development

If you are considering increasing or renovating your online presence, we can help you navigate the entire process from inception to finished product.

About Web Development

Bemeir is focused on satisfying customers and users, and we understand what a website means to your business. We are specialists in our fields and understand that web development is an extension of your business in a multitude of ways. You built an amazing company and now you need to engage with your customers. 

Bemeir engineers robust APIs and scalable web and mobile applications with modern languages, frameworks, and libraries to ensure your infrastructure is extendable and adaptable.

We will help you realize the objective of aligning with brand voice and values with the financial goals you set. More importantly we will ensure that you meet your KPIs with conversions, sales, and engagement or help you create the benchmark for success. 

With all the possible variables impacting your success online it is important to ask yourself the following questions, if you’re unsure in any of the responses we will be happy to help guide you to finding out the best solutions or minimizing the risk or impact to your website.

  • Is my domain secure and have I setup SSL?

  • Is my hosting and storage sufficient for the type of content and traffic I serve?

  • Is my SEO working for me, do I have a roadmap for building on my current SEO?

  • Have I ensured my website is displaying on every browser and device correctly?

  • Are all my business requirements answered for? 

Step 1 - Project planning starts with determining the overall goals and objectives for the success of the web project. This is arguably the most important step as well as the most looked-over step. 

  • Business Requirements Assessment

    • Target audience, Website Goal Identification, Feature Requests

    • Project Summary Documentation

      • Concise summary of the projects roadmap including a wireframe and sitemap

    • Key Performance Indicators

      • Identifying how we’ll make sure you’re requests are correct

    • Competitor Analysis

Step 2 - Scope Identification

  • We’ll work with you to determine the scope of the required work including the design and development aspects

Step 3 - Workflow Design Process

  • We take a nuanced approach to design ensuring primarily the most functional and efficient design based on industry standards and best practices. We’ll identify the best workflow for the user interface to help you reach your goals.

Step 4 - Website Development

  • During the development stage we’ll implement interactive content forms, implement payment gateways and merchant services, as well as choosing the most suitable CMS. Our goal during this process is to ensure that your business requirements are met and that your efficiency is high.

Step 5 - Quality Assurance and Client Acceptance

  • Our process relies heavily on an extensive testing process and a structured approach to deployment. Aside from testing scripts, forms, and ensuring the speed and functionality of the website across multiple browsers and devices the website is shown to you, our client, to receive final approval. 

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