Bemeir is a full services design and development group dedicated to providing innovative and effective technology solutions for our clients. We are highly specialized in eCommerce with a focus on Magento, and Shopify, but also including WooCommerce and Wordpress sites. Additionally, we have built single page applications using ReactJS and mobile apps using iOS and Android native, and lately using React Native.

No two projects are exactly the same but may share similar themes or use cases, we are able to draw upon our diverse backgrounds to deliver tailored solutions for our clients.

Our group has worked in many facets of high volume retail and ecommerce, corporate IT, international expansions, and high level enterprise infrastructure. This is why we are different than many other development firms, in that we have served in similar job roles as our clients. Ultimately, this allows us to empathize with the challenges faced by businesses and their customers and work with businesses in every industry.

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