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Advertising & Marketing Campaigns

Through careful allocation of Marketing spend, a Magento merchant can grow their business and recoup their investment.

About Advertising & Marketing Campaigns

At Bemeir we understand that efficient and effective marketing is crucial to a growing business. We work closely with industry leaders to provide our clients with the best in online advertising.  With the Magento open-source eCommerce platform our clients are able to easily implement the most popular marketing tools, giving their businesses a competitive advantage. We can help you implement a marketing strategy through using our expertise and experience with platforms such as Google Shopping, Google AdWords, Amazon Product Ads, and PolyVore. Additionally, with a wide variety of display advertising services including AdRoll, Perfect Audience, and Criteo, along with email marketing and a robust social media strategy, Bemeir can help get your Magento store noticed by your intended customer base.
Reaching the largest possible population of prospective clients is an important goal of successful marketing. Bemeir excels in providing businesses with a diverse array of marketing platforms to spread not only the recognition, but also the value of their brand.  Comparison shopping engines, email marketing, display advertising, and retargeting are essential parts of a multi-channel strategy that Bemeir uses to acquire and retain customers to for business.  

What does this mean?

Google Shopping
Get your products seen on the most frequently visited search engines.  Google shopping provides your business with access to customers who search for the products that you sell.  Google Shopping is a frequently used price comparison tool, as well as the premier screen real estate on google search results.  By using one of the many available 3rd party feed integration you can sync your Magento catalog with Google Shopping.
Google Adwords
Google Adwords is a must have for bringing new customers to your store.  Working in conjunction with Google Shopping, you can set up product listing ads and group your products in the best way that fits your marketing strategy.  With the ability to target users by location, device, time of day, and other metrics, you can really hone in and refine your ads’ performance.  Additionally you can use traditional Google Adwords advertising by bidding on specific keywords and phrases and linking them to optimized landing pages on your website.
Amazon Product Ads
Amazon is the #1 e-commerce retailer in the US, by utilizing Amazon Product Ads you ensure that your website and products are visible to thousands of potential customers who are shopping for similar items
PolyVore provides their customers access to the latest and hottest fashion trends, as well as the ability to purchase from directly from their site.  This provides your business with direct access to customers that are looking for the latest fashions.
Adroll provides retargeted marketing over a variety of platforms that your customers use most such as Facebook.  Utilizing user friendly platforms, Adroll places your ads in the most advantageous places to keep you and your products in front your customers.
Perfect Audience
Perfect Audience allows for product level retargeting through Facebook ads and other platforms.  Customers visit an item on your site, and that item follows them around the web.
Criteo allows for display retargeting ads on a Cost-per-click basis (CPC).  You can manage retargeting campaigns much like you would manage Google Adwords campaigns.

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